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Finally, a Wedding!

One wedding down, one to go!

One half of A.Squared had a gorgeous wedding this passed weekend. It. Was. Spectacular. There was food before there was food, before there was food! 

She had food in the hospitality room before the ceremony because as we all know, those can last a while. And after that was the cocktail hour with a ton of food. And a bar and bartender that descended out of the ceiling, it was intense!  

Next we went to the main hall and they had one of the most bad ass entrances of all time! The sweetheart table was on a moving platform and it spun around to reveal them dancing, with a huge sign behind them and their names on a screen with  fireworks.

And the bride looked absolutely beautiful

Yaasss girl, slay, all day. 

The dinner, delicious. AND the staff came around asking if we wanted seconds of the main course! Or if we wanted to try something else! That was a first, and very cool. 

To save money, she made her favors. She makes soap as a part time job and made probably close 200 bars of soap. And they smell amazing!

If this wedding was on that TLC show 4 weddings, there would be no competition and she’d win a free honeymoon to a dream destination.
But IRL, she got a free vacation to Greece so who is the real winner here?

Much love and good luck ladies and gents,


Honeymoon · Love · Wedding · Wedding Planning


The best part about the wedding is the honeymoon, right?

Leave all the stress and family behind and go on vacation with the love of your life. Maybe make a baby while you’re away, the possibilities are endless!

Do you want a relaxing vacation or do you want an adventure? Beach or monuments? It’s the one time in your life you get to be super selfish and go and do whatever you want and no one gives you any lip about it (unless you have MIL that doesn’t know how to mind her own BIZ).


Go somewhere you know you won’t be able to get to once you have kids. Do something you wouldn’t normally do because once those babies start popping out, everything gets a lot more expensive! Live it up! 

Whatever you do, don’t listen to other people. Make up your own minds. Oh, Susan went to China and loved it? Good for her, China isn’t for everyone. And it’s very complicated to get there. Like do you need a visa or not because some rules don’t require one if you’re stopping somewhere else and only staying a certain amount of time in China. Who has time for that kind of planning? I just planned a wedding for 2 years, no more, please. 

Anyway, I hope you plan the most magical honeymoon ever and enjoy each other as much as possible because from what I’ve heard, it’s all downhill after that. 

Haha, just kidding… but seriously, enjoy your honeymoon. 

Much love and good luck ladies and gentlemen,