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You need lists. If you don’t sit down and write out every single thing you need to do before you get married, you’re going to forget something. 

I was going over wedding things this last weekend and realized I’m severely behind… because I never made a list. I booked all of my vendors and the hall and got my dress ordered… and then I just stopped. 

I forgot the table numbers, the gifts for the bridal party, suits for all the guys, undergarments, hair things, a cake topper, a cake cutter/server… if we’re being honest I haven’t even looked into getting a cake yet at all… so many things fell through the cracks and I’m scrambling now because everything costs money!

So I urge you to make your lists. Thankfully my wedding isn’t for several more months but it’s rapidly approaching… kind of like the ground when you bungee jump-very quickly and terrifyingly. 

And there are things you’re going to forget about. Did you get the flower girl and ring bearer gifts? Did you get the flower girl special flowers and the ring bearer a pillow or box or whatever you want the rings in? Did you remember you need special marker pens for your guestbook? Did you even remember a guestbook? Did you remember to actually finish the centerpieces? Did you get stands for the table numbers? Are you doing favors? Are you doing a seating chart or escort cards? Did you know escort cards are different than place cards? 

And don’t forget to set up appointments to meet with your vendors before the wedding so you can discuss things like musical preferences and photos you want the photographer to make sure s/he takes. 

Lastly, and thank god for my fiancé, don’t forget to pick the ceremony music. You want something special for the family, something special for the bridal party, and then a song just for you on your special day. 

And don’t get me started on the reception music because finding a song that 2 people agree on is a nightmare so don’t ask for the bridal parties input and just pick a song for them. It will save you a migraine. 

Speaking of bridal parties… did you decide on a lineup? Are you making sure that couples are walking together or ignoring couples and putting them in order from most important to least important, or according to length of time you knew them, or by height? Seems like an insignificant detail until you get to it!

Anyway, make a list. The Knot offers an awesome app and on it they have a checklist of things you should do and which month they should be completed according to your wedding date. Still make a list for the little things though, it’ll be a lifesaver, or at least a sanity saver. 

Much love and good luck ladies and gents,


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