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Everyone Has Something to Say…

Everything you’re doing is wrong and your wedding is going to be a disaster…
Well, that’s what everyone else wants you to think because they obviously know what you want and what you should have on your special day better than you do right?


People are going to question everything you do if it’s not like their wedding, or not like a traditional wedding… so prepare yourself for that right now. They’ll also make suggestions that they will be offended about later because you didn’t take them.

#reallife #thanksbutnothanks #donttellmehowtolivemylife

Anyway, generally people like to think they’re smarter than they are and they also enjoy their own voices. I’ve learned in my years of dealing with unsavory people that the minute you start talking about yourself, self-centered people tend to shut up and leave you alone. And the people trying to stick their noses in your wedding are usually self-centered.

If you don’t use a Limo because, after all, they’re not required for a wedding-especially if your ceremony is at the same location of your venue-you will be judged. If you chose to use paper flowers instead of real ones because the logical part of your brain couldn’t see ripping $7,500 to bits, you’re going to be judged. A short wedding dress? You must be insane. No sit down dinner? Is this even a wedding?

But, don’t be fooled, if your wedding is by-the-books perfect, you’ll still be judged. There will always be a miserable hag at every wedding trying to make everyone else miserable too so please, don’t listen and don’t take it personally. 

Not everyone gets to meet their soulmate in life. 

There will be jealous people too, obviously, because your fabulous. And also because maybe they can’t afford something or they wish they had a fiancé as awesome as you do. They’ll make comments like ‘I’m never having a wedding, it’s such a waste of money’, or ‘Why did you need that? That’s excessive/unnecessary’, or ‘I’d never spend that much on that.’ Keep your composure because they’re already unhappy and suffering on the inside. 

And there will always be one person who compares your wedding to someone else’s. You’ll hear it multiple times while planning and probably long after it’s over because some people can’t understand that you’re your own person, so try to tune it out. Or, if you’re bold, which girlfriend (snap, snap) I know you are, stand up to this monster and say so-and-so’s wedding wasn’t mine for a reason!

Keep your head up and do you! And if you’re ever unsure, have some wine and enjoy some liquid confidence to get you through wedding planning. 


Much love and good luck ladies and gents,


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