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Why Did I Agree to a Wedding?

Why did I do this to myself?! 

As I sit here with my inappropriately large glass of wine (aka dinner), watching tv, going through messages I’ve received today, it dawns on me that I only have myself to blame. 

For the people who have cornered me to say they never received their invitation to my bridal shower… but then rsvp’d NO to the second invitation… For the cousin who called me to tell me she can’t believe I’m getting married, yes I am. Sorry you rsvp’d NO to my bridal shower and we’re so mean to my fiancé, though I expected that from you! For the people that I have in my bridal party who shouldn’t be, stop telling people you’ve planned this wedding with me because you’ve been as useful as tits on a bull and everyone knows it. And for the headache I’ve had for about 4 months now… 

I’ve had enough. 

At this point I think we’d be smart to buy stock in exedrine and run our own vineyard. 

“Have a big wedding! It’ll be great! You’ll love it!” All lies…. unless you enjoy being harassed by people you barely know (or ever spend time with) about why their invitation hasn’t arrived but so-and-so got theirs a few days ago. My quick answer?! “I don’t know, but you can most certainly ask your mail person where the hell it is! I sent it. I know that for damn sure!” 

This is my fault. I did this to myself when I decided to take this on and have a wedding everyone could and probably will come to, and I can’t do anything about it at this point but drink my wine and hope that my dress doesn’t chafe enough to make me want to cry the day of. I’m sure I’ll look great, I’m sure I’ll have fun, and the pictures will be beautiful, but right now all I want to do is cry into my wine and finish my quart sized chocolate gelato with no pants on. 

Why would I write this and potentially scare people off from wanting a wedding? Simple. You should pick the wedding YOU and your significant other want, not what your mother or future mother-in-law, or extended family tell you is what you SHOULD pick. They SHOULD leave you alone to decide what will make you happy, whether it be a 350 person wedding where you throw the bouquet and do the chicken dance, or 5 people on the beach with no shoes on, dancing as the sun sets. Do you and be happy.


Much love and good luck ladies and gents,


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