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Homeowner Life 

Buy a house they said…

For the most part, it’s fun. No one yells at us to keep it down, we can have people over whenever we want, and no ones ever parked in my spot when I get home because I own that damn driveway! I can also take a shower whenever I want without the fear of the water scolding or freezing my entire body because someone else turned their shower on. That’s a huge plus.

What’s not fun is when an old pipe explodes under your brand new wood floor, the water gets shut off, the heat doesn’t work, and no one comes for 3 days. That’s not fun at all.

It also sucks when you have to pay the oil bill. And the electric bill. The water bill isn’t as offensive but it still sucks. I follow my fiancé around the house shutting lights off because we’re no Beyonce and Jay-Z. And if you come to my house and you’re cold, grab a blanket. I have plenty.

I’m just joking… but seriously the heats off unless there’s a chance the pipes will burst.

Anyway, being a homeowner is a huge accomplishment. If we’ve ever done anything right in life, it was setting up our future to be able to have a home we can call our own.

IKEA is our favorite place along with Lowes and Home Depot, which I never thought could be possible but it becomes so much fun to decorate and customize your space to exactly what you want.

Be careful when you throw out your boxes from any of those places because the garbage man will leave them in the road but he will take you garbage can… oh wait that was only us? Ok cool.

Oh and once you get a house and have a backyard, your little house-trained dog will no longer go on a pad and will demand you let him out every 5 minutes so he can bark at the neighbors dog until the neighbors dog pees on his head.

Real life.

Much love and good luck ladies and gents,


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