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Picking a venue can be one of the hardest decisions for your wedding. I can remember not picking a certain place because I didn’t like the cocktail hour chairs! Thinking back on it that was stupid but, I absolutely love the venue we ended up with. And you should too because it’s your special day.

Now, when looking over prices and going over the fine print, make sure you realize that that $109 per person plate isn’t actually $109 per person. It’s actually more like $142 per person after they add tax and gratuity… so much tax and gratuity…

I know. It’s terrible. You’re going to have to rebudget everything. And hopefully your venue comes with a cake because mine doesn’t and it ended up being an added expense.

But, there are other solutions if you HAVE to have THAT venue. Scale the guest list down. Use flowers more sparingly. Don’t have an open bar and have a group of people hate you and talk about you behind your back for the foreseeable future. There are options, you just have to be willing to compromise here and there on the not-so-important things in order to have the very important things.

In the next few blogs I will go over all of my money saving tips and my partner will also share her budget friendly ideas so that you can have just a little bit less stress than we did, because the stress of a wedding is truly terrible and it sneaks up on you under the cover of darkness…

Anyway, stay tuned for some more words of wisdom!
How to save money when planning a wedding!

Much love and good luck ladies and gents,


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